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EMS Business Consulting

La carrera EMS Business Consulting es una de las Másteres de Programas Empresariales que dicta ESCP Europe

El título de EMS Business Consulting es el título que otorga ESCP Europe para la carrera de Máster en Negocios

Business organizations are increasingly under pressure to engineer complex changes to remain competitive in their markets.

Such changes may involve restructuring, mergers and/or acquisitions, internationalization, I.T. systems reengineering, new product or service development and launch, etc.

Project managers must be able to make quick decisions in highly complex situations, adapt to unfavourable conditions and anticipate risks. A successful project manager must be a high-level professional, mastering most, if not all, of the methods and techniques prevalent in the field of consulting. This includes a solid grasp of general management, dynamics of organisations, and project leadership.

All of these are the focus of the Executive Specialized Master in Business Consulting. It is designed especially for participants who aspire to become project managers in an international context, dealing with complex projects.

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